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Massive Slash Arsenal Piles

MSAPs are love

MSAP stands for Massive Slash Arsenal Pile
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Born from crack addled comments and mind of deadxdreamer in the robinvpersie comm... the MSAP community was prodded into existence by fab4eva and rhetoricwords to unite all the slashers of the Arsenal pretties.

A few rules because even MSAPs have rules...
1. In case the name didn't clue you in, there is slash. Rampant, cracked out slash.
2. Be nice, no flames. Robin will kick you out of the harem. I promise this.
3. Use tags as it will make life MUCH easier.
4. Longer entries should be under a LJ cut. <*lj-cut text=*"take out the asterisks when you really make it"> Longer entries meaning rants, raves, pictures.
5. Any and all questions can be directed to any of the mods via comments or use my deadxdreamer@yahoo.com handy dandy email address.

01 robinvpersie
02 theowalcott32
03 rosicky
04 hlebhlebhleb
05 gunnergirls
06 fourth_official
07 dailyfootballer
08 jogobonito